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Concrete and Asphalt Repair Products - Roklin Systems Inc.

Roklin has more than 20 years experience in the development and application of polyurethane products for concrete repair and asphalt repair. Our concrete repair products, crack repair products and asphalt repair products are specifically designed to provide quick installation and long-term durability for everything from highways and bridges to parking decks and driveways.  

Pavement Repair Products for Cracks, Alligatoring, Rocking Slabs and More

Concrete and Asphalt are both subject to breakdown, whether from time, water damage or even heavy loads. Whether it be potholes, cracks, alligatoring, uneven pavement or rocking slabs, with Roklin’s polyurethane products, the damage can be halted. The repaired area is stronger and lasts longer than the original material. FloMix, FlexSet, Concrete Welder and PolyFlexDS all provide a quick-setting solution with minimal preparation. Roklin’s pavement repair products seal not only against water, but also oils, gasoline, hydraulic/brake fluids and more. Roklin’s concrete and asphalt repair products are safer because repairs are quicker, reducing exposure to traffic, and they are odorless and vaporless.

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Roklin’s Key Advantages

  • Quick Set – Less Than 10 Min
  • Minimal Prep – No Primer Required
  • Shorter Traffic Closures – Reduced Labor Costs
  • Waterproofs Both Asphalt and Concrete
  • Protection Against Oils, Gasoline Hydraulic/ Brake Fluids and Water
  • Longer Lasting Than Conventional Repair Materials
  • Odorless and Vaporless
Check out the Roklin crack repair calculator!

Visit the Roklin blog for asphalt and concrete repair resources!

Visit the Roklin blog for asphalt and concrete repair resources!

Asphalt & Concrete Repair Applications:

Asphalt Pothole Repair
Concrete Pothole Repair
Concrete Spall Repair
Broken Concrete Repair
Concrete Crack Repair
Concrete Floor Repair
Asphalt Pavement Repair
Asphalt Patch Repair
Asphalt Driveway Repair

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FloMix Asphalt Repair

FloMix Asphalt Repair has been used effectively for more than 7 years. It serves as an asphalt sealer to repair potholes and for paving repair such as alligatoring. FloMix works as a crack filler, fixing cracks and cratering on asphalt pavement highways, parking lots, city streets, garage floors, roads, driveways and sidewalks. It is the most economical and easy-to-use asphalt repair product now available for quick pavement repair... Read More

FlexSet Concrete Repair

Originally developed as a rapid runway repair system for the military, FlexSet concrete repair product has become a cost-effective alternative to traditional spall repair, driveway concrete repair, floor repair, crack filler and other concrete restoration procedures.

The Roklin difference with FlexSet Concrete Repair is that it utilizes a naturally-rounded sand, which is polymer coated in Roklin's facility. This type of aggregate greatly enhances flow-ability and increases the overall strength of the concrete crack repair Read More