Asphalt Manhole Repair

Asphalt manholes (also known as a maintenance holes, utility holes, inspection chambers or access chambers) can be repaired using Roklin’s FloMix. Most asphalt manhole repairs can be done using two buckets of FloMix.

Water tends to collect around a manhole cover, so in order to promote adhesion, use a butane torch on the surface to dry it completely. Surround asphalt manhole repair area with polyethylene to prevent anything from entering the hole o r from sticking to the cover. If there is no plastic available, use making tape.

Using Roklin’s FloMix asphalt manhole repair product, carefully pour contents of bottle “a” into provided 5-gallon bucket then add aggregate and special sand. Next, shake thoroughly and pour bottle “b” into mixture. Mix with an egg-beater style pail mixer, using a drill. When mixture is completely wet, trowel FloMix onto damaged asphalt manhole repair area and smooth material into cracks, making certain to keep it below grade about half an inch. Mix a second bucket without aggregate and spread evenly. Bring it up to grade and feather in to match existing asphalt. When repair is sufficiently smooth, toss topping sand by hand over repaired area to create a uniform look and feel. Your asphalt manhole repair area can be ready for traffic in about an hour.