Asphalt Pothole Repair

Asphalt is subject to breakdown, whether from the constant water exposure of sprinklers or extremely heavy loads wearing away at the foundation. Potholes are a nuisance that if left unrepaired can lead to major damage to both roads and cars.

For asphalt pothole repairs, use Roklin's FloMix Asphalt pothole repair product. FloMix provides a fast-setting asphalt pothole repair with almost no interruption of service.

First ensure that the damaged asphalt pothole repair area is clean and dry. Sweep or blow out cracks so there is no loose debris. Place the aggregate provided in the FloMix package to fill in some of the asphalt pothole, without going above the damaged area. Using FloMix, carefully pour contents of bottle “a” into provided 5-gallon bucket then add special sand. Next, shake bottle “b” thoroughly and pour into sand mixture. Mix with a paddle-mixer, using a drill. (In colder months or when there is little time for the repair, catalyst can be supplied as an additive to speed the reaction.)

When mixture is completely wet, pour FloMix onto asphalt pothole repair area and use a trowel or lute to smooth material into cracks. When damaged asphalt pothole repair area becomes sufficiently smooth, toss topping sand by hand over repaired area to create a uniform look and feel. The new FloMix repair can be ready for traffic in less than an hour.