Uneven Concrete Repair and Fixing

Uneven concrete can be leveled out using Roklin’s FlexSet. First, using a 2x4, determine how much is needed to bring the uneven concrete repair area up to grade. Lay the wood across the deepest section. If the depth is 2 inches or more, you will need to add aggregate to the first bucket of FlexSet.

When leveling uneven concrete repair area ensure that it is clean and dry. Sweep or blow out uneven concrete so there is no loose debris. Using Roklin’s FlexSet uneven concrete repair product, carefully pour contents of bottle “a” into provided 5-gallon bucket then add aggregate and special sand. Next, shake thoroughly and pour bottle “b” into sand/aggregate mixture. Mix with an egg-beater style pail mixer, using a drill. (In colder months or when there is little time for the repair, catalyst can be supplied as an additive to speed the reaction.)

When mixture is completely wet, pour FlexSet onto deepest damage first and use a trowel or lute to smooth material. Depending on the size and area of the uneven concrete, plan to mix final FlexSet bucket with only sand in the mixture. Feather it in to create an even surface.

When concrete is almost completely level, toss topping sand by hand over leveled uneven concrete repair area to create a uniform look and feel. Your concrete should be level and ready for traffic in under an hour.