Asphalt Crack Repair

Asphalt Cracks are ugly and once they start, they grow quickly and expand. Asphalt crack repairs must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. If damaged asphalt crack repair area becomes too large, or there are too many cracks, the asphalt may have to be replaced rather than repaired.

Standard asphalt crack repair methods are time-consuming, require significant labor and are only short-term. Roklin’s asphalt crack repair products provide several options, ready for use on most any asphalt crack repair project. Using Roklin’s simple methods, there is no need for major preparation—no grinding, drilling, pressure washing or saw-cutting. Simply sweep or blow out the damaged asphalt crack repair area, mix your materials and apply for solid asphalt crack repair.

Hairline Cracks

Sealing smaller asphalt crack repair areas can be done simply using Concrete Welder, available in a cartridge format. Make sure the crack is clean and free of moisture. Use a broom or blower to clean out any loose materials. Open cartridge and squeeze Concrete Welder directly into the crack. Use a scraper or straight-edge to smooth the material out. Sprinkle topping sand onto repair. Wipe up any excess material and allow to dry for 30 minutes. Now the crack is filled and ready for use.

FloMix for Asphalt Repair

FloMix 5 Gallon Bucket
FloMix 3 Gallon Bucket

Some Important facts about FloMix Asphalt Repair:

  • FloMix is a cold-applied, liquid and aggregate slurry that hardens in minutes to provide a long-lasting repair, without the need for removal of damaged asphalt or dig-outs of any kind.
  • FloMix utilizes our patented, coated aggregate, which contributes to flowability and ease of installation.
  • FloMix can be finished precisely to grade, resulting in a smoother ride over the repaired areas.
  • FloMix is easily feathered into the surrounding asphalt to form a repair that blends in visually with the existing pavement.
  • FloMix restores aggregate interlock and pavement strength by promoting adhesion between the repaired area and the existing asphalt.
  • FloMix can be used anytime the need arises. No need to wait for hot asphalt or heavy equipment.

Listed below are some of the advantages that FloMix offers vs. conventional materials:

  • Simple-to-apply
  • Unaffected by extreme hot or cold
  • Fast set-up, less than 10 minutes
  • Supports heavy roadway traffic
  • Seals & waterproofs
  • Shortens road closure time; saves labor costs
  • Self-compacting
  • High-traction surface

Large Asphalt Cracks

For larger asphalt cracks, use FloMix to stabilize and fill any voids. The polymer-based repair works in areas where the cracks on the asphalt crack repair area are deeper and wider, the material flowing down to fill the entire space. With no saw-cut or demolition required, the preparation is quick and easy.

Make sure that the damaged asphalt crack repair area is clean and dry, with no loose debris. Place the aggregate provided in the FloMix package to fill in the deeper area of the crack, without going above the surface of the damaged area. Using FloMix bottle “a”, carefully pour contents into provided 5-gallon bucket then add special sand. Next, shake bottle “b” thoroughly and pour into sand mixture. Mix with a paddle-mixer, using a drill. When mixture is completely wet, pour FloMix onto cracks and use a trowel or lute to smooth material into cracks. When cracks are smoothed out, toss topping sand by hand over repaired area to create a smooth surface.

In colder months or when there is little time for the repair, catalyst can be supplied as an additive to speed the reaction. The newly-filled cracks can be ready in less than an hour.

Hot Mix is costly and workers are at the mercy of the hot mix plant; repairs depend upon the hours and availability of the plant. Cold Mix is a temporary fix that just doesn’t last. With FloMix, asphalt crack repairs can be done on your schedule and the repairs are truly durable.

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