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Concrete Welder 5-minute repair

Concrete Welder Single 21oz. Cartridge (Natural)
Price: $29.95
Concrete Welder Single 21oz. Cartridge (Natural) Plus Gun
Price: $89.95
Concrete Welder Case 21oz. Cartridges (Natural)

Sealing concrete cracks is simple with Concrete Welder in cartridges. Make sure the crack is clean and free of moisture. If there is a lot of water, use a heat lance or torch to make certain the crack is dry. Open cartridge and squeeze Concrete Welder directly into the crack. Use a scraper or straight-edge to smooth the material out. Wipe up any excess material and allow to dry for 30 minutes. Now the crack is filled and ready for use. Roklin’s long-lasting solution is complete with almost no preparation and little drying time.

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