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Concrete Welder for Concrete Repair

Concrete Welder is a low viscosity, fast-reacting urethane polymer, which is applied with Roklin's Vari-Flow dispensing equipment, specially designed for this product.

It is recommended for larger highway and other projects where extensive repairs are needed. It can be used with a variety of aggregate materials, depending on the requirements of the specific application. Multiple repairs can be completed in rapid succession with minimal traffic closure time.

Concrete Welder is a multi-purpose material that works well for both concrete and asphalt repairs. It allows the user to solve several problems with one material. Because it is a very thin liquid it can penetrate into small cracks and forms a high strength adhesive bond between broken structures. Concrete Welder will flow underneath cracked or spalled concrete and seal the base against further erosion from water.

The product acts to waterproof and seal concrete and asphalt from the top to prevent water or other liquids from streaming under the slab and creating voids. Concrete Welder has excellent chemical resistance to oils, hydraulic fluids, gasoline, and salts, and antifreeze. Concrete Welder is also safe to use. It contains no solvents, has no odor, and has low toxicity.

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