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Common Pavement Repair FAQ's and the Answers You Need
Tamar Swan
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Common Pavement Repair FAQ's and the Answers You Need

Friday FAQ 2

Over the years we have had some questions that seem to pop up over and over. Below are some of those questions (and answers) that relate to homes, and may appeal to the do-it-yourselfers or remodelers.Take a minute to see if any of these pavement repair questions apply to you or your home.

Q: I have a sunken drain at the bottom of my sloped driveway. It is down about 2 inches. If I build the structure of the drain back up what product do I use to patch around the round drain? Any other suggestions are welcome.

A: If your driveway is concrete, I would use FlexSet to patch around the drain and match the sides of the driveway. If the driveway is asphalt I would use FloMix to make the repair.

Q: I am considering FloMix for use on my home driveway but am a little concerned about the grade. Is there a recommended maximum slope that this can be effectively used on? The obvious concern of if the material will simply flow down the driveway towards my garage and not repair the areas at the top and middle of the slope. I just want to be sure I’m selecting the right product for the job.

A: The recommended maximum slope that FloMix can effectively be used is 2%.

Q: Does Roklin sell any products to coat and seal concrete basement floors and walls to reduce radon infiltrations? Several years ago, you guys helped me use FlexSet to repair my heavily-spalled and damaged concrete floor. IT IS AMAZING. It came out great, is tough as nails...several people have commented on it and asked where to get it for themselves. Knowing how good your products are, I was wondering if you had anything to use on a basement floor to reduce radon and maybe reduce the humidity, although I understand that it's important to have low water vapor pressure in the concrete or it will lift off many coatings.  

A: At this time we do not have a product that will work on the vertical surfaces. However you could use FlexSet to seal your basement floor.

Q: I bought two 5-gallon pails of your FloMix asphalt repair. After its applied, can I put an asphalt sealer on it? What do you recommend? Will you be able to see the patched area and will it blend in with rest of the driveway after sealed? What is the life of the product?

A: Yes you can apply an asphalt sealer on our FloMix. It should blend in with the rest of area when you cover the driveway with a sealer. It should also last as long as the rest of the driveway.

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