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Roklin's Pavement Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Friday FAQ 6

This week's frequently asked questions start with one I was just asked again yesterday:

Q: What is the difference between Concrete Welder and PolyFlex DS gray?

A: The difference between Concrete Welder and PolyFlex DS gray is that Concrete Welder has a lower viscosity for thinner deeper cracks and it is a harder-curing material. You can use Portland cement on the surface of the PolyFlex DS to maintain the gray color.

Q: After I patch the holes/cracks, can I seal the patch with the rest of the driveway? If so how long should I wait before applying a sealant?

A: Yes you can seal the patches and holes with the rest of the driveway. You can apply the sealant within two hours.

Q: My front porch and stairs are concrete and have small pits and divots in them. Will this work to fill in those? I would then like to paint the concrete after it is repaired.

A: Our FlexSet material will fill the small pits and divots on your front porch and stairs. You then can paint them. First, make sure that you roughen the surfaces covered with the FlexSet before painting.

Q: We have an asphalt tennis court and there are bird baths on it. We would like to know how we can use FloMix to solve this problem.

A: FloMix would work well in fixing your bird bath problems. FloMix is self-leveling so all you would have to do is place some FloMix in each bird bath one at a time and use a long 2 by 4 for leveling and removing the excess material. I would use a trowel to smooth and taper the edges, then put on topping sand.

Q: I have a concrete fuel tank and it has a fine crack and fuel is seeping out. The tank is full—33,000 gallons full. Would FlexSet seal this on a vertical wall ?

A: No FlexSet will not work on a vertical wall.

Q: What do I use to clean tools and nozzle?

A: You can clean the nozzle by hanging it upside down so the product can evacuate fully. To clean tools, use a dry cloth or rag to wipe immediately after using. Do not use water or a damp cloth.


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