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Which Products Do You Need for Your Concrete Repair?
Tamar Swan
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Which Products Do You Need for Your Concrete Repair?

Concrete cracks are like potato chips—it’s very hard to stop at just one. If you’re lucky enough to catch a crack before it has spread, you can start with Concrete Welder in Cartridges. With its fine-point mixing tip it is easy to repair small cracks. If the concrete cracks are wide, you can put a little sand into the cracks before injecting Concrete Welder. Use a straight edge or ruler to smooth the surface for a flush finish. Concrete Welder comes in a two-chambered unit that can be used with any hand-operated dual cartridge gun.

If your concrete cracks have spread into alligatoring, you can use FlexSet to create a concrete patch. This will fill the cracks, seal up the damaged area and prevent further cracks from forming in your concrete. Also, if your concrete cracks are really wide, or noticeably deep, we recommend using a FlexSet kit. With an egg-beater style or paddle-mixer and a drill, mix up a bucket of FlexSet, apply to your concrete cracks or alligatored concrete with a trowel and your repair is complete in under an hour. If you plan to use a lot of FlexSet, Roklin offers MotorMix, a motorized pail mixer that takes the effort out of mixing up buckets of FlexSet.

When your alligatored concrete, reflection cracks, slippage cracks, vertical cracks, transverse cracks or block cracking have become almost too much to handle it is time to assess the damage. If your repair must be done immediately and the subsurface or foundation looks pretty solid, Concrete Welder in bulk is the fastest and easiest solution. Simpler and faster than removing and replacing damaged concrete, Concrete Welder can repair miles of repair in one day. Using a VariFlo Mixer with 5, 15 or 50 gallon drums of Concrete Welder will be much faster than mixing up bucket after bucket of FlexSet.

Whether dealing with concrete cracks or rocking slabs, there are options to meet every size concrete repair. For more help deciding what repair method you need, or determining just how much polymer you need, call 877-FLEXSET or 805-256-7680 to speak with a customer service representative.

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