Twice this month concrete bridges have had incidents where pieces of concrete fell from the bridges. One incident happened in New York where falling concrete damaged cars below as well as the bridge and road. According to the Saint Cloud Times, about 20 feet of concrete fell off a bridge in St. Cloud Minnesota. No one was injured in the incident although it could have been devastating.

Doing Bridge repairs with FlexSet or Concrete Welder is a safe option because there is no need to cut out and remove damaged concrete. With no removal, there is no chance of that concrete falling off the bridge. Doing the repair directly on the damaged concrete means everything stays intact, posing no threat to people, vehicles or even animals below.

With FlexSet and Concrete Welder the damaged concrete bridge is repaired quickly and easily. A polyurethane repair of a concrete bridge can be completed within a fraction of the time needed for traditional repairs. The closure is much shorter and workers have minimal exposure to traffic. Eliminating the need for removal also means that there is no disposal, or heavy equipment to lift, remove and transport broken-up concrete.

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