Asphalt Pothole Repair: Ready When You Are

You can fix your own asphalt with an easy, quick and long-lasting product. Do-it-yourselfers rarely balk at an opportunity to tackle a project on their own but asphalt might be a little daunting. Everyone knows cold mix just does not last. No one wants to wait until they have enough asphalt damage or potholes to warrant a hot mix delivery. Hot mix is sold by the ton and must be used as soon as it arrives, according to the hot mix plant’s business schedule. FloMix for asphalt repair comes in a 5-gallon bucket and can be mixed up with an egg-beater style pail mixer attached to your drill. The bucket comes with aggregate, a topping sand and two bottles of material (an A bottle and a B bottle). If the weather is cold we will include a bottle catalyst for free. The catalyst will speed the setup of FloMix. FloMix is a two-part polymer that is safe, odorless and strong but flexible. It bonds with asphalt and is applied black. The color may lighten a bit in the sun, just as asphalt does. As long as your asphalt driveway or asphalt parking lot is dry, there is almost no preparation. Sweep or blow the asphalt off and you are ready to apply FloMix for your pothole repair. Once your materials are mixed and applied your asphalt is ready for traffic in about an hour. Not sure how many kits you need? Click here to access our product calculator to decide how much to order. Don’t torture your vehicles anymore. Fix your potholes now with FloMix. At Roklin our products are ready when you are.