Spring thaw means you can repair pavementSpring has come, the snow is melting and Easter approaches, so it must be time to for pavement repair. Rain, snow, chemicals, snow scrapers and Mother Nature’s freeze-thaw cycle have all done some damage to concrete and asphalt. Potholes bloom along with the Spring flowers and cracks appear like weeds. As snow melts and your concrete and asphalt roads, driveways and parking lots dry out it is the perfect time to tackle those cracks and potholes.

Pavement repair is most effective when it first appears. When damage is severe, your affected concrete or asphalt might have to be removed and replaced. As long as the pavement sub-base is still good you can use a polymer-based repair to quickly and easily repair damaged concrete or asphalt. Simply blow or sweep loose dirt and debris from the damaged pavement, mix up your materials (add catalyst to make it set up more quickly if it’s cold out) and pour it on. Smooth it with a lute or trowel, place your topping sand, wait for it to set up and sweep off the excess sand. With FloMix for asphalt and FlexSet for concrete, your pavement repair is complete in under an hour.

Cracks can be repaired in even less time. PolyFlexDS Black can be used to fill asphalt cracks in just minutes. For concrete cracks we recommend PolyFlexDS Gray to fill in cracks. Both products can also be purchased with a dual-chambered cartridge gun and come with two static mixers per cartridge. Order topping sand for a skid proof surface.

Larger damage is best repaired with bulk quantities of PolyFlexDS or Concrete Welder using the VariFlo Machine. The VariFlo Machine is a 1-to-1 ratio machine that allows for quick repair of widespread damage or a lot of small damage. Contact toms@roklinsystems.com for more information about the VariFlo machine.